MegadeTestamExodus @ 9:30 Club: One Moron’s Review

first off, propz to the 9:30 club! I like the fact that they actually post the times on their web site, each act goes on stage. as opposed to having to call the venue, and have someone guesstimate as to when a band is going to play. and then you call them again to confirm, and someone else tells you something completely different, causing you to miss most of the set. anywho, knowing what time each band was going on gave me time to properly pre-game before the show. once I got to the venue, someone asked if they could take a picture of my shirt! the shirt in question was the uber-awesome Celtic Frost “Winged Skeleton” tour shirt from 2007. see last Thursday’s blogpost for further details.

holy fuck, was this an awesome show!
the first time I had seen either Megadeth or Testament
the first time I had seen an album played all the way thru
the first time I’ve seen brothers play on the same bill, with different bands
Glen Drover on lead guitar for Testament
Shawn Drover on drums for Megadeth
Exodus was also on the bill, but we got there after they played

Testament played “The Legacy” album, which is their first, and arguably their best. there is no Alex Skolnick on this tour, as he is busy touring with the Alex Skolnick Trio. Glen Drover did a pretty good job handling all the solos in Skolnick’s absence. my only complaint is that the mixing sounded like it was a bit off. there were certain times where the drums drowned out the guitars. I had no such problem hearing Chuck Billy bark out the vocals. he’s a pretty big dude, who has a commanding stage presence about him. in between songs, he would entice the crowd to start a pit. he also plays a mean air guitar mic stand. even tho it was only a 40-minute set, you probably couldn’t have come up with a better album to see performed live from beginning to end.

Over The Wall -> The Haunting -> Burnt Offerings -> Raging Waters -> C.O.T.L.O.D. -> First Strike Is Deadly -> Do Or Die -> Alone In The Dark -> Apocolyptic City

in addition to playing the entire “Rust In Peace” album, Megadeth played seven other songs which encompassed their 25+ year discography. included among those were Peace Sells, In My Darkest Hour (which Dave wrote, after hearing Cliff Burton had passed away), and my personal fave, Wake Up Dead.

the set sounded like it had a cleaner mix than Testament. original bassist, Dave Ellefson, is back in the fold, and looked like he really enjoyed being out there. guitarist Chris Broderick’s playing was spot-on all night. he definitely looks like the kind of guy who can fuck any chick he wants to.

before they started playing RIP, Dave said that it was ironic to be playing this album 20 years later in DC, seeing as how he aimed the album at the nation’s capital. he asked the crowd how many members of Congress they thought were true patriots. then he said “if you vote for me, you’ll get a real patriot.” and then they ripped in to Holy Wars!

right before they started playing Head Crusher, Dave pointed out a fan in the crowd who had a shirt that had “My priest tells me I have a big dick” on the front. Dave said “if you hafta brag about the size of your dick, you’re probably a fag” and then he dedicated Head Crusher to him.

then, I think it was before Peace Sells, Dave was talking about an autograph signing they were doing, and someone asked him what he would say to a terrorist, and he replied “you mean besides how does my dick taste, any last words?”

Set The World Afire -> Wake Up Dead -> In My Darkest Hour -> Holy Wars/The Punishment Due -> Hangar 18 -> Take No Prisoners -> Five Magics -> Poison Was The Cure -> Lucretia -> Tornado Of Souls -> Dawn Patrol -> Rust In Peace…Polaris -> Head Crusher -> Trust -> Symphony Of Destruction -> encore: Peace Sells
during the outro, they played the end of HW/TPD

this was a 5-star show! one of the best I’ve ever been to. seriously, anyone who’s a fan of either Megadeth and/or Testament needs to see this show. after reading all the reviews from previous shows on this tour, I can safely say this show definitely lived up to the hype…and then some!!!

Megadeth takes a bow following a hella awesome show (photo taken by Megadeth forumer, FluffyBunny)


6 Responses to “MegadeTestamExodus @ 9:30 Club: One Moron’s Review”

  1. Clint Says:

    This was like.. the best show ever. My neck’s a bit sore from headbanging, but I survived the mosh pit during Peace Sells intact 🙂

    And it was fun alternating screams of “Polaris” and “Next thing you know, they’ll take my thoughts away!” at random D.C.-ers, as we drove home 🙂

    You shoulda gotten the taquito.. hehe

  2. Clint Says:

    Also, it was cool getting a $10 bootleg shirt, instead of the overpriced $35 shirts. I will never pay $35 for a t-shirt in my life.

  3. Clint Says:

  4. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    yeah, I can never justify spending $35 for a shirt, when the ticket cost $40. I liked how you gave me the $10 and the guy who was selling the shirts held out his hand and I told him “I already gave you $20” hehehe

    it’s a damn shame RapeJesus wasn’t at the show, he missed a good one!

  5. Clint Says:

    Good point about the shirts. I was just writing up my own little summary, and that will be a good tidbit to add.

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