Ultimate Surrender – S7E27 – (2) Dragon Lily vs. (9) Tia Ling

what could possibly be hotter than watching two AZN stunnas get naked, wrestle, and then have sex with each other? NOTHING! and so it is with great joy, and an indescribable swelling in my pantaloons, that we have Dragon Lily taking on Tia Ling!

Dragon Lily is not fucking around this season. she’s on a mission to re-capture the top spot on the Ultimate Surrender mountain, and win her first Summer Vengeance title. she was the first (and so far only) wrestler to have her colours retired. let’s face it, had she not taken time off, we’d probably be talking about her going for a Summer Vengeance 4-peat.

Tia Ling was one of the breakout noobz last season. she’s a top 10 talent who’s looking to prove she’s got what it takes to become one of Ultimate Surrender’s elite. she has 2 wins this season, but has yet to face anyone the likes of the Dragon.

I had such an awesome time at the Megadeth show, I figured I could best sum up this match with a song. like to hear it, here it goes! sung to the tune of “Holy Wars”

AZN will fight AZN
Spilling cum across the mat
Fucking for a paycheck
Don’t see nothin’ wrong with that

Noobs like me, who beat their meat
And come from other lands
Ask the peeps, for their beliefs
Do you fuck on Matt’s command

A butthole that’s divided
Surely will get slammed
Her past erased, a public disgrace
Fucked ’til she couldn’t stand

Round 4 is near, it’s crystal clear
Part of the Dragon’s plot
Don’t look now to Isis Love
With fingers in your twat


next week, Mellanie Monroe battles Holly Heart for noob supremacy! both these gals have made great strides this season, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how this one plays out. I like Mellanie by less than 100.


5 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S7E27 – (2) Dragon Lily vs. (9) Tia Ling”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Great to see Tia’s butt drilled so conclusively. She did try to fight back but the Dragon’s wrestling technique is so effective, very few sluts will lay a finger on her pubes this season.
    Mellanie has the size advantage but Holly is strong and a scrapper. I don’t see a high scoring match but I back Holly by more than 50. Good job Mellanie likes to lick pussy.

  2. Clint Says:

    Haha.. “Hole-y wars”

  3. Ringmaster Says:

    Krissy Lynn tweeted that she wrestled Darling Tuesday and got her ass kicked. Her respose was to sign on for Ju Jitsu classes the very next day. This girl is gonna be good when she gets it together. Wait until she starts clamping those big butt cheeks over opponents’ faces while she fingers their twats. She needs one or two more fuckings on the mat, then they can let her loose on Tara or Jessie.

  4. Ringmaster Says:

    No clues as to whether Darling fucked Krissy’s ass as well as kicking it. Maybe Brazzers has her bumhole under exclusivity. Worth pointing out that with Darling’s enhanced juggs, this would have been a battle of the bazookas. Wonder how many tits in face points Darling racked up?

  5. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    great news about Darling! she is a top 5 talent, can’t wait to see her sex up Krissy Lynn!

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