I Had A Weird Dream About Dethklok Last Nite

in my dream, I was watching an episode of Metalocalypse. the premise revolved around the guys opening up this time portal (like Stargate) whereby they would crash their cars thru them, and run ppl over, who had done them wrong. the episode ends with Skwisgaar attempting to crash his car thru a portal, while Toki is having sex with a hot chick. things backfire, when upon crashing, Skwisgaar goes flying thru the windshield, and impales himself on a giant pitchfork. Toki is sitting there on the bed laughing, as he watches his bandmate writhing in agony. THE END…or is it, b/c during the closing credits, a picture of Toki dressed as the Grim Reaper flashed periodically across the screen.



4 Responses to “I Had A Weird Dream About Dethklok Last Nite”

  1. Clint Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I want your dreams.

  2. Clint Says:

    Get out of my dreams.. and into my time portal

  3. valerie Says:

    SWEET! i wish my brain made up episodes of metalocalypse in my sleep!

  4. what i do instead of study « dildo valerie ?! Says:

    […] this kid invents new metalocalypse episodes in his dreams. *JEALOUS* […]

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