Area Pervert Draws Inspiration From Some Article He Once Glanced At On A Website He Rarely Visits

this just in from “The Perverts Who Follow Adult Film Stars on Facebook” (yes, that’s a real organization)

Bobbi Starr recently wrote an article for, in which she talks about the ten metal bands she’d most like to get gangbanged by. if ever there was better dinner conversation, I surely haven’t heard…

with the exception of Slayer, the list is full of bands I don’t listen to, or have never heard of. and with that in mind, here’s my list of metal bands I would like to see gangbang Bobbi Starr.

Kreator (86-89) – just think how awesome it would be to hear them shouting obscenities in German at each other
Celtic Frost (1984) – the godfathers of Scandinavian black metal
Sepultura (Max Cavalera era) – from the country that is the leading exporter of shemale porn
Anthrax (1987) – Bobbi Starr’s affinity for beards would pair up nicely with Scott Ian
Megadeth (1986-90) – fucking is her business…
Metallica (Cliff Burton era) – am I the only one who gets a hard-on every time I hear Disposable Heroes?
Mercyful Fate (1983) – just imagine the notes King will hit when he cums in her ass
Testament (1987) – would love to see Chuck Billy anally impale her with his mic stand (literally)
Sabbat (1989) – Gizz Butt on bass, NUFF SAID!
GWARBANG!!! – b/c a band that has given us such memorable lyrics as “then I fuck your ass til it’s rimless” deserves it

in honour of Ms. Starr, I’ve got my favourite albums from each of those bands, currently playing in my heavy rotation

Bobbi Starr


One Response to “Area Pervert Draws Inspiration From Some Article He Once Glanced At On A Website He Rarely Visits”

  1. Clint Says:

    Gizz Butt … ahhahaha. nice, nice. I don’t know why that guy uses that name!

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