Father and Son

there was a time when I used to do lots of things with my father. stamp collecting, building model airplanes, and attending underground lesbian sexfights, no longer appeal to him. thank goodness there’s a Tim & Eric I recently grabbed off the spleen that speaks to the tenuous relationship between a father and his son.

it’s not an episode of Awesome Show, Great Job!, so don’t watch it expecting to see any of the show’s regulars like James Quall, DL Hart, or Richard Dunn. but rather a 16+ min. sketch they did for Funny Or Die I guess I don’t hafta tell you that this was funny with a capital “T” and that’s for freedom, mang!

Eric Wareheim plays a 26 year-old who lives with his 30 year-old step-father (played by Tim Heidecker) they haven’t been getting along too well ever since Eric’s mother died from a bird bite. Tim is the only breadwinner in the house, working 60 hours a week delivering for Mama Noodles Pizzeria. Eric would get a job with his father, but he’s afraid of car horns. things get even more complicated when Tim finds out he has a biological son. can Tim & Eric pull it together, and get on the cover of Father & Son magazine?!?

Dan Lauria, best known as the father on Wonder Years, guest stars as one of the judges. this episode also contains a “father died during child birth” joke. I know it’s a pretty common joke, which I first heard in an episode of Xavier, and just a few weeks ago in something else I was watching.

I know I’ve been critical of the new season of T&E, but this sketch restored my confidence in the overall collective genius known as Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim.

Great Job!


One Response to “Father and Son”

  1. Clint Says:

    They’ve done a few sketches now.. I’m glad they’re still doing stuff, esp. now that AS,GJ! is over.

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