Simon Cowell: Master Ego Crusher

the best part about watching American Idol is the brutal honesty you can always expect when it comes to Simon Cowell’s critiques of Idol wannabe performances. I just happened to be channel surfing last nite during intermission of the Caps game, when I happened upon AI.

Siobhan Magnus has big dreams, and a big voice. it’s R&B nite on Idol, and she’s decided to cover Chaka Khan’s “Through The Fire” she’s extremely excited to be getting direction from Usher, and he in turn, thinks she’ll be able to handle the song.

but oh dear, that’s not at all what the judges were thinking. Randy Jackson couldn’t even muster his patented “you did your thing, dawg!”…Ellen DeGeneres called Siobhan “the dessert before the main course”, even tho she also mentioned Siobhan looked like a hiker who had gotten lost on the trail, or something to that effect…Kara DioGuardi said Siobhan was pitchy…and then there was Simon, who was the only one of the four who received boos from the brain-washed sheep posing as audience members, even tho he was basically echoing the other three judges sentiments. but hey, at least they liked her outfit!

Siobhan: “…even if I didn’t kill it, I mean, in a good way”
Ryan Seacrest asked “she didn’t kill it, did she?”
to which Cowell replied “I’d call it manslaughter”

I was LOL’ing hardcore! it was at that very moment, that NASA scientists believe Siobhan’s ego was crushed! by the end of the segment, it looked like she wanted to run off-stage and cry. only the viewers votes can save her now. tune in tonite at 9:55 to see who goes home…or don’t, no big whoop!



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