Ultimate Surrender – S7E29 – (5) Darling vs. Krissy Lynn

Darling is fully recovered from her surgery, and back to kick some ass. a bona fide powerhouse in Ultimate Surrender, with her spectacular new tits, she resumes her quest for a Summer Vengeance title. Matt had temporarily removed her from the rankings, during her down time. but, there’s no doubt about it, Darling is a top 5 talent! she racked up one shutout earlier this season, over Tara Lynn Fox, and now looks to pick up right where she left off against another noob, Krissy Lynn.

Krissy Lynn is a Summer Vengeance champion in training. already in peak physical condition, Matt believes she might just be the strongest wrestler US has ever seen! having tasted defeat in her debut match against Wenona, several weeks ago, she hopes her pedigree as a top-notch collegiate athlete, will help her take down the returning veteran.

the only rust Darling showed, was that she could only rack up 573 points. for all the promise Krissy Lynn has shown in her first two matches, she is still just a noob. Darling put the clamps on Krissy right from the start, and registered her second shutout, in as many matches. Crushing leg scissors, figure four locks, chin locks, and face sits, were just a few of the devastating moves employed from Darling’s arsenal. Welcome back, Darling! everyone else is officially on notice!

and now for all you Isis Love fanboys out there (myself included) Team Goddess was beaten by Team Ninja tonite, to the tune of about 1300+ to 822. so much for my bold ass prediction that Team Goddess were the odds-on favourites to capture tag team gold this season. TLF briefly fucked Tia in the ass. Vendetta spent time sitting on Isis face, whilst vibing Isis with a hitachi, thusly causing the Goddess to squirt. Vendetta then used Isis hair to mop up the lovejuice. Rain DeGrey and Jessie Cox were in the audience, on live chat, with the forumers. and oh btw, Rain mentioned during said chat that she recently wrestled her first noob. no word on who it was…

I’d also like to take this time to recant what I said, about Vendetta being on upset alert, come Summer Vengeance. she don’t hafta wrestle another match this season, she’ll still whoop some ass.

there are a few departures that Matt revealed in this week’s rankings. most notably, Amber Rayne, who was the best cruiserweight on the roster. in addition to Ms. Rayne, we can confirm Angelica Sage, Thea Marie, Jayden Cole, and queen of the bunny ranch, Ally Ann, will not be appearing again this season. that being said, the door is open for all five of them to make a return next season.

with Amber gone, that opens up a spot in the top 10 rankings. Tia Ling moves up to 8, Rain DeGrey up to 9, and Mellanie Monroe checks in at 10. we could’ve given it to Krissy Lynn, but Mellanie should be rewarded for the great strides she’s made this season. we’re waiting to see who Krissy beat, and whether or not she fucked her in the ass…

next week, positioning for 1st round byes in Summer Vengeance begins. it’s Ultimate Surrender East Coast representative, Wenona, battling it out with Rain DeGrey. we’re picking Wenona by roughly 200+ points.



3 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S7E29 – (5) Darling vs. Krissy Lynn”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Rarely, if ever, will you see such hard bodied yet full titted women clash on the wrestling mat. It was enjoyable to note how Darling used her enhanced juggs to assist her tits-in-face scoring opportunities, style point whore that she is. After being twisted like a pretzel in every imaginable hold for three rounds then fucked like a piece of meat with her head rammed against the wall, Krissy posted that she “had fun doing this”. What a woman!
    Amber Rayne’s departure robs us of a lightweight title showdown with Tia. Of the others, only Angelica is a loss.
    Will there be a Jack Hammer challenge match this season? If so I would like to nominate Mellanie Monroe and Krissy Lynn as contenders. Two evenly matched wrestlers who are also noted black cock whores. Loser to be mercilessly DP’d by the winner and Jack’s 11 inches. Get it on!

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      I’ll miss seeing Jayden Cole, just b/c she seemed to be utterly clueless on the mat. it was great fun watching a tall beauty such as her, getting fucked mercilessly by the likes of AX and Dia.

      seeing as how Rain has her match with Wenona coming up on Friday, and another one already in the can (pardon the pun) I wonder if she also wrestled Tia in the match that was decided by 2 points?

      Krissy Lynn would beat Mellanie Monroe, but not by much. maybe they do have another Jack Hammer match planned for the end of the season. DP is mandatory!

      the wooden spoon should be up for grabs this year. Trina Michaels defends against either Winter Sky or Ashley Jane. those are the three girls on the outside of the Summer Vengeance picture.

  2. KB Says:

    Wenona vs Rain is interesting, should be a good match. I wonder how soon the Tia winning by 3 points will be, because it seems fairly unlikely that Tia would have such a close match with anyone except these two. (Barring a strong new wrestler, or one of the new girls “getting it”)

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