Freezepop Show Attended By Some

not me tho. but, I reckon this is as good a time as any to tell you about the last time I attended a show at the Velvet Lounge. see now, this story dates all the way back to the magical year of 2005.

I had discovered a band named Sound of Urchin on the Ween Forum, and liked what I heard. it was April; King Diamond was touring, the Catholic Church had just elected it’s first pro-pedophilia Nazi Pope, and America patiently waited for the start of the third season of Chappelle Show…

while this was my first show at Velvet Lounge, my first time inside this bar, happened to be after a Ween show in June 2004. my friend and I were hanging out in front of 9:30 Club, waiting for a cab, when we happened to see Gene and Claude coming out of the club. we followed them to Velvet Lounge, where I got them to autograph my ticket stub. (I also got Dave Dreiwitz autograph) next thing I know, I’m regaling the entire bar area with a chorus of Seek & Destroy (it was playing on the jukebox)

Sound of Urchin show was pretty fuckin’ great! met all the guys. I got there before the band did, so I chatted them up while they were unloading their gear. I met Dave and Scotty Byrne (RIP) aka Instant Death, who were the opening band. I got my request played (Clearing Hole) and Tomato-11 referred to me by my WF handle, which I also use for this blog (do you like subtle SOD references?) Tomato-11 is not only the lead singer, but also he drummer. which is something you don’t see a lot of these days. the tour manager, Johnny Stees, was nice enough to mail me a soundboard recording of the show, which I am listening to as I write this. after the show was pretty fun to, b/c they ended up staying at the hotel right across the street from where my friend lived at the time. I think it’s the Holiday Inn on Massachusetts Ave. I ended up crashing with the guys, and we were awakened to the sound of a fire alarm around 7 or 8 AM. that’s probably the best rock n’ roll story I’ve got, unless you count that time Axl punched me in the face, when I forgot the lyrics to Paradise City.

Rock N’ Roll Forever -> Mr. Hanalei -> The Door -> Quiz Show Spy -> Jack O’ Lantern -> There Are People In The Clouds -> Sometimes -> Last December -> Zen Magic Marker -> More Than Words (Extreme) -> Alligator Swamp -> What Would You Do? -> Police Helicopters Over Brooklyn -> The Heater

oh yeah, where was I…FREEZEPOP FOREVER!!!


Tomato Mutha Fuckin’ 11


One Response to “Freezepop Show Attended By Some”

  1. Clint Says:

    Hahaha.. That’s hilarious that you listened to audio recorded at the Velvet Lounge, while we were listening to audio live at the Velvet Lounge!

    Definitely the worst concert venue I’ve ever been to! 🙂

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