Complete Rectal Shutdown Version 3.0

I’ll be leaving for the airport in about three hours from now. I will be touching down in LAX around 11 AM local time, and that’s when my vacation officially begins. it’s kinda weird that it doesn’t involve watching hot chicks getting naked, wrasslin, and then fucking the shit out of each other. but hey, I’m sure I’ll have fun, just the same.

I’ll do my best to blog in real-time, so that I can stay as up-to-date as possible with my vacation. I hear Adult-Con is happening in LA this weekend, but I doubt I’ll go. I am hoping I can hit PFFR’s Legacy IIX art show at Sync Space LA on Saturday.

a friend of mine from work, is also out there on vacation, so I might meet up with him at some point. I talked with my friend, who I’ll be staying with this weekend. he put me on with his girlfriend. they are both Tim & Eric fans, I think we’ll get along great! well, I gotta ramble, see ya in Hollywood!



One Response to “Complete Rectal Shutdown Version 3.0”

  1. Clint Says:

    Have fun!

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