Ultimate Surrender – S7E30 – (7) Wenona vs. (9) Rain DeGrey

Wenona is back to represent for the east coast forumers. The Gymnast’s college background has come in handy, during her time with Ultimate Surrender. one of the fittest, and certainly most flexible gals currently on the roster, Wenona uses her brutal leg scissors/finger fucking combo skills to force multiple submissions and/or orgasms, from her helpless opponents. her technique has helped secure wins over Holly Heart and Krissy Lynn this season.

Rain DeGrey enters this match with a record of 1-3, but is still the odds-on favourite to capture rookie of the year honors. losses to the likes of Dia Zerva, Amber Rayne, and Bella Rossi, have served as valuable lessons in her US career. a win over Wenona could catapult her in to a top 8 position, and a first-round bye in Summer Vengeance.

we see just how much disparity there is between the 7th and 9th ranked wrestlers. I was expecting Wenona to win, but not by the margin of 1190-16! Rain never stood a chance against Wenona’s powerful leg scissors and finger fucking combos. as has been the case all season long, following a Rain DeGrey loss, Wenona fucked her in the ass in round 4.

reporting live from Santa Monica, CA, I’m Percival Handfisher, IGRO Action News

Wenona vs. Rain


3 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S7E30 – (7) Wenona vs. (9) Rain DeGrey”

  1. KB Says:

    Matt dropped Rain 3(!) spots as a result of this. I think Krissy Lynn looks a little precarious in 9th place, whoever loses to Tia by 3 will presumably move there. Definitely looking forward to a tight SV.

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    this year’s SV will be the best yet. even tho Rain is 1-4 this season, I wouldn’t be so quick to drop her as far as Matt did. she has gotten blown out a few times, but when u look at the level of competition she has faced, she seems due to start tearing it up in the mid-card…

    Krissy Lynn’s anal debut on Brazzers premieres tomorrow! hopefully, this means her backdoor will be open for business, should she taste defeat…

    Krystal Main is gone, at least we get to see her get pounded one last time by Vendetta…

  3. Ringmaster Says:

    She was always ripped but now a much more ruthless Wenona is emerging who uses her skill ans strength to hammer down opponents and finger points out of their pussies. I wonder if she will meet Isis in SV? It would be nice to have more grudge matches between experienced wrestlers with a bit of trash talking before and after. Syd was a great exponent of this, except it was hard to make out what she was saying some of the time. Verbal abuse often comes out in the heat of the fuck round but it would be good to have it served cold as a side dish to the wrestling.

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