Ultimate Surrender – S7E31 – (4) Vendetta vs. Krystal Main

short, but sweet update this week…

Vendetta, winner of the inaugural Summer Vengeance, and a finalist in last year’s tournament, competes for just the second time this season. consider this her tune-up match for Summer Vengeance IV.

this is what could very well be Krystal Main’s swan song in Ultimate Surrender. Matt reported earlier this week, that she would not be competing in SV IV. she had one match this season vs. Isis Love. we also heard Mz. Main is an aficionado of buttsex. other than that, not much else to report.

despite her never give up attitude, Krystal was no match for Vendetta. final score: 1010-12



One Response to “Ultimate Surrender – S7E31 – (4) Vendetta vs. Krystal Main”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    I see Vendetta making the final four of SV along with Ariel, the Dragon and Darling. Isis and Dia will be knocked out in the quarter finals. It was interesting to see the ex-bodybuilder Lynn McCrossin having her engorged clitoris rubbed vigorously by Matt on Hogtied. I wonder if he is tempted to give her a wildcard entry on the outside of the bracket? Would be better than letting Trina have another session as a horizontal finger puppet on the US mat. Buffed Lynn might tear up some promising newbs and give the elite something to worry about.

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