Restart The Riot!!!

Atari Teenage Riot are back…at least for the time being! they released a brand new single Activate and announced 13 dates for Europe this summer. all indications are that this is a one-off string of shows, and there are no plans to release anything new, or any subsequent touring plans after this. MC CX Kidtronik has been brought in place of MC Carl Crack (RIP) I’m not sure if Hanin Elias is still with the group, as Nic Endo assumed vox on “Activate” this is another band I would love to see in concert. so if anyone wants to put some money towards airfare, accomodations, etc. just throwing it out there. hoping they might do a one-off string of shows in the States, but not expecting it…

05.03 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
05.05 – Geneva, Switzerland
05.07 – Limoges, France
05.08 – Rennes, France
05.09 – Turcoing, France
05.12 – London, England
05.14 – Parma, Italy
05.15 – Rome, Italy
05.21 – Hauzenberg, Germany
06.09 – Tours, France
07.16 – Dour, Belgium
07.17 – Montmartin Sur Mer, France
09.10 – Berlin, Germany



4 Responses to “Restart The Riot!!!”

  1. Clint Says:

    I wish airfare wasn’t $750 roundtrip!!! ARRRRGH!

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    I found round-trip tix for about $550. but I’d hafta connect out of JFK, to Heathrow in London. if only I had more time to plan, and more money, of course.

    hey, did they get someone to replace Hanin Elias? I guess all you really need is Alec Empire on vox and Nic Endo blasting the beats. she’s what I like to call a nice chunk-a-chicken.

  3. Clint Says:

    I was looking at Amsterdam airfare… trying to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. It just wasn’t happening.

    So is that why I woke up and couldn’t sleep around 5AM? someone was talking about atari teenage riot, and i knew it 🙂

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