Ultimate Surrender – S7E33 – (9) Krissy Lynn vs. Ashley Jane

with the regular season nearly over, America was frothing at the mouth to find out which Ultimate Surrender rookie would grab the division by the scruff of the neck, sit on it’s face, and force them to lick her to orgasm. Krissy Lynn is that rookie! wrestling only her third match on the circuit, and already Matt has her feasting on the bottom rung of the ladder, in the form of one Ms. Ashley Jane. that pretty much tells u all u really need to know about how highly Matt thinks of Krissy’s abilities. plus, she’s fresh off her on-camera anal debut for the almighty ZZ!

Ashley Jane gets mad propz from IGRO for giving it her all, even tho she is outmatched in every match she competes in. it’s kind of a shame that she couldn’t compete in the tag team division, b/c she would’ve benefited greatly from having Dragon Lily as her partner. it looks like this was her last match for the season, as she is currently not ranked in the top 16. hopefully, she will come back next season.

Ashley’s never give up attitude was not enough to overcome Krissy’s size advantage. the win for Krissy, was her first of the season, and firmly seeds her atop the lower half of the Ultimate Surrender ladder. what this basically means, is that she will face the lowest seeded wrestler in the first round, before presumably facing off against Tia Ling in the second round. all you Kink historians will immediately recognise the significance of this match-up, b/c Krissy and Tia starred in one of the greatest Wired Pussy shoots of all-time. hot white chick sexed up by some hot AZN chicks in a nail salon, it’s the stuff wet dreams are made of!

Krissy Lynn


4 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S7E33 – (9) Krissy Lynn vs. Ashley Jane”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    The sight of Krissy clenching her muscly buns as she drives the dildo into pliant loser pussy is a novelty that sexfight afficionados will not tire of in a hurry.
    If she does face Tia I would back her to win a very close contest. After that, I think we can look forward to her anal buttfuck debut on US.
    Darling and Dia faced off at the Academy in a fight released last week but it quickly degenerated into mutual rug munching and so was not much use as a form guide. Not sure when it was filmed as Darling looked like she still had her pre-op juggs.

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      I’d wager that we’ll see anal, no matter who wins. depending on how the draw shakes out, Krissy COULD be a darkhorse pick to make it to the semi-finals.

      Jessie Cox vs. Gia DiMarco is this week’s update. I wonder if Jessie is gonna stick it in her ass in round 4…

  2. Ringmaster Says:

    I’d be surprised if she doesn’t, given Gia’s open backdoor policy.
    Depends who Krissy gets in the quarters. Of the top six, I can only see her beating Isis. That would be a great match. She has a sister Cassidy, who also does porn. Scope for a novelty tag team contest with some other porn sisters?
    Amusing post on Tara Lynn Foxx’s blog about an appearance on Playboy TV’s Foursome show where they try to getsome random fuckers to wrestle as a way of warming them up for an orgy.
    Interesting match between Wenona and Daisy Delarosa at the Academy. Daisy is a tough, chunky but curvy Mexican who would acquit herself well on the US mat. Can’t understand why she hasn’t made the transition. She would be a contender for the top six.

  3. Arafat Says:

    Krissy is sooooooo fit.

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