Slayer To Play “Seasons” In It’s Entirety

2010 is shaping up to be a pretty good year if you’re a fan of thrash-tastic metal acts from the 80s! it was only about 6 weeks ago that I attended the MegadeTestamExodus show at the 9:30 club, where Megadeth played the entire Rust In Peace album. not to be outdone, Testament played the entire The Legacy album on that same bill!

now comes word, that Slayer is playing the entire Seasons In The Abyss album, on the upcoming American Carnage tour. I’d say this album is their third-best (behind Reign In Blood and South Of Heaven) Megadeth is gonna play RIP in it’s entirety as well. Testament is also on this tour, so they might just keep playing The Legacy. I don’t know if these dates are finalized, but I noticed there is no date for the DC area. yes, I would definitely shell out the bucks, if they book a date somewhere close.

click here to read all about the tour.



2 Responses to “Slayer To Play “Seasons” In It’s Entirety”

  1. Clint Says:

    Too bad they’re not coming here.. But the ticket price would probably be pretty damn high with all 3 bands! Stupid Araya and his back injury or whatever it was that happened.

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    hey, I heard Dave Ellefson found Jesus! maybe they can all join in a prayer circle before each show.

    at least Tom Araya’s back problems aren’t preventing them from touring *cough* King Diamond *cough*

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