La Roux Tix Procured

didn’t think I listened to them, did ya? (unless, of couse, you follow me on but, I do! I can’t explain it, maybe it’s her androgynous “Ziggy Stardust” appearance. maybe it’s the catchy hooks she puts in to each one of her songs. maybe it’s her apathetic stance towards the music industry, and other artists in general. maybe it’s the fact that she makes a clear distinction between her stage persona, and her real-life persona.

when I was perusing the 9:30 web site to check out the upcoming shows several months back, I noticed that tix for La Roux’s show had sold out within days. the profile pic confused me to the point that I wasn’t sure what gender she was. I was intrigued enough to listen to a copy of her debut album. it was good, kinda like a cross between Ladytron and Meg Lee Chin. so, I got some tix for not much over face value on stubhub. glad to say I’ll be there when she comes back to DC, to make up the show that was postponed from when the snowpocalypse hit back in February. I know of at least 2 or 3 other ppl who are going to this show, it should be fun. the new date is set for July 25.

La Roux


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