Digital Imaging Dreamweaver

friends, we all know I’m the WHOLE FUCKIN’ SHOW!!! when it comes to selling digital cameras. hell, in this day of bloated, phony job titles like Connections Expert, I’ve even gone so far as to label myself the Digital Imaging Dreamweaver. (you like sublte Sabbat references?)

but, if there’s one thing that grinds my gears, it’s when my department suffers from shrink. so, it stung me like a fissure in my ass when I showed up to work yesterday, and found an $1100 hi-def camcorder missing. the camcorder in question, was the Sony CX-550 64 GB flash memory. mayhaps, this was a customer I had worked with in the past, who I espoused the virtues of flash memory vs. hard drive to. the equally priced Sony XR-350 160 GB HDD, was still on it’s pedestal, next to where the CX-550 once was.

as far as the actual sales day went, it was fairly productive. my supervisor was taking notes on several interactions I had with guests. one tude brah bought a Canon SD 1400. the only drawback is that the card Better Buy is offering in the package with the 1400 is a Class 2. u need at least class 4 for hi-def video, brah!

“great interaction, brah! u know your shit, u gave that guest the complete solution for all his digital imaging needs. maybe just work on building customer relationships, brah!”

a lady came in and bought the Sony H-55. this camera is fuckin’ sweet, b/c it’s a perfect hybrid between a digital SLR and a pocket camera. 14 MP, 10x zoom, sweep panorama mode (which is pretty badass!) the Sony G lens. she had originally come in looking for the SD 1400 or the Panasonic S51 (which we don’t carry)

“again, great interaction, brah! we didn’t have the camera your guest wanted, but you helped her pick out another camera that suited her picture-taking needs. way to demo the product! u did a nice job of building that relationship with your guest, brah!”

a special shout out to Dr. Happi Heart he came in yesterday to buy a hi-def camcorder. I recommended the Canon HFR-10. he gave me a business card, he’s outta Brooklyn (my favourite of the five burroughs)

all in a day’s work…

I’m going camping this weekend, so I won’t be posting my Ultimate Surrender update until Sunday. my annual tribute to Mother’s Day has been pushed back to Monday. and Mike Patton Monday has now been moved to Thursday.



One Response to “Digital Imaging Dreamweaver”

  1. Clint Says:


    10X … *optical* zoom??

    p.s. you spelled subtle wrong 🙂

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