Ultimate Surrender – S7E35 – (5) Darling vs. Allie Haze

with Summer Vengeace set to kick off on June 4, the weeks leading up to the granddaddy of all lesbian sexfight tournaments, offer opportunities for the already established veterans to polish their skills against noobs. here we have one such encounter between 5th-ranked Darling and Allie Haze.

Darling was a favourite in last year’s Summer Vengeance, but a neck injury derailed her championship hopes. she is 2-0 this season, outscoring her opponents by a combined 1743-0. to say she is looking forward to this year’s tournament would be an understatement.

Allie Haze is the Unseasoned Player of Ultimate Surrender. the lamb to the slaughter, who’s only goal is to survive an entire 24-minute match with a future hall of famer. and maybe if she’s lucky, score a point here or there. regardless of the outcome, she will be back next season.

Darling wasted no time in disposing of “the Hazer” proving she is at the top of her game, Darling executed a wide variety of holds including leg scissors, headlocks, facesitting, and plenty of finger fucking. the end result was another shutout, 922-0.

next week, The Goddess of Sodomy meets the winless Holly Heart, in what looks to be a mutually beneficial tune-up match.


17 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S7E35 – (5) Darling vs. Allie Haze”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    A masterclass from Darling in how to rack up tits-in-face points. Allie fought a bit harder than some newbs despite the overwhelming odds, so credit to her for that.
    We know that Isis sticks it into Holly, so she can’t be as weak as some were suggesting after her latest tag contest when Vendetta pulled her apart.
    Holly’s defeat of Krissy must have been down to stamina and endurance on Holly’s part or a bad day at the office from Krissy. Either way, it will be a great watch. Anybody ever been to one of the swinger parties that Krissy frequents? She must be a helluva fuck.

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    Krissy’s asshole must be prime real estate at those swinger parties!

    the win for Holly puts her in the lead for rookie of the year. I was leaning more towards Rain, but she hasn’t done much in either of her last two matches, and was pretty much a non-factor in the one round of tag action she wrestled last month.

  3. Ringmaster Says:

    Holly’s win over Krissy isn’t that surprising if you consider that she would have beaten Mellanie but for a last round fade-out, and she lost to Tia by only three points. She may face either of those two in the second round of SV, so she may get her revenge. After that, she may face Isis, so it will be interesting to see the score this week.
    I’ve not seen the bracket but I’m tempted to bet on a Darling v Vendetta final with Vendetta winning by 50 to 100 points.

  4. Ringmaster Says:

    Twitter alert. Gia DiMarco says she wrestled a hot little blonde yesterday and was tired and in need of a rubdown afterwards. First round SV victory for Tara Lynn Foxx? More when we have it.

  5. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    there is a report on the Ultimate Surrender forums that Gia wrestled Ashley Jane. I’m not 100% sure if this was a Summer Vengeance match, or will be the last match of the regular season. what do you think the odds are that Ashley won? I’d count it as a minor upset.

    Tara Lynn Fox wrestled Mellanie Monroe in another first round match, but no word on who won.

    Trina Michaels is in Summer Vengeance. she had a match with Rain DeGrey, that had to be stopped due to Rain getting injured. so if Rain is out, Trina’s first round opponent might be Jessie Cox.

    more on this, as it develops…

  6. arikh Says:

    1. (10) Holly Heart vs (9) Krissy Lynn – 175:145
    2. (11) Mellanie Monroe vs (12) Tara Lynn Fox – 255:168
    3. unknown. possible Jesse vs Ashley.
    4. possible – (16) Trina Michaels vs (15) Gia Dimarco – 226:66
    two days ago Gia have wrestled and didn’t say what was the outcome or against who it was. Trina also wrestled that day and won.

    my guess is that Rain (injury) and Maggie mayhem had droped out the SV. so Jesse is ranked 13, Ashley and Gia at 14th and 15th (depends on the match they had on 4th may. Jesse uploaded a picture of them on the matt) and Trina is on 16th.

  7. Ringmaster Says:

    Trina Michaels tweeted that she won her first round SV match by 226 to 66. No clues as to the identity of the opponent, who must be totally incapable if she lost by that much. Trina faces Tia Ling in the next round, so should start oiling her asshole right away.
    This result raises some questions about the standard of the final 16. Maybe some of the recent newbs have dropped out.

  8. arikh Says:

    we have some clue about Trina’s opponent:
    1. according to the previous season, and this previous first round matches of SV, it’s going 16th vs 15th, 14th vs 13th.
    2. Trina is 16th, Jesse is 13th. so they both will have seperate first round matches.
    3. trina wrestled that day. so is Gia.
    4. Jesse was shooting some other stuff for kink that day. so there was only one first round match that day.
    5. unless Gia’s match was for the next season or an exhibition one, which not likely, she wrestled Trina.

  9. arikh Says:

    6. from the current roster, these are the one’s Trina can beat:
    Ashley Jane – she could be also the one who lost to trina, but then it’s hard to explain Gia’s match that day.
    Gia Dimarco – wrestled that day. probably the one.
    Winter sky – Matt said it’s either Trina or Winter in the SV, so it’s not her.
    Allie Haze – ruled out. not participating in this season’s SV.
    Maggie Mayhem – had only one match. not likely to be in SV.

  10. Ringmaster Says:

    Mellanie and Holly’s next matches will be interesting. They should wrestle each other after SV to determine newbie of the year. Loser gets DP’d by winner and Jack Hammer.

    • arikh Says:

      there is nothing to be determined between them this season. Holly defeated and fucked Krissy, and by that she ended Krissy’s season…
      so the season is over for her.
      and Holly or Mellanie will be the rookie of the year.

      probably the next round will be as following:
      Holly wil face Darling in the next round, though luck…
      Mellanie will face Isis. that would be more even match.

      they both are going to lose.
      it will be intersting to see the differnce between Holly vs Isis to Mellanie vs Isis.

  11. arikh Says:

    disregard the first half of my post.
    I thought you were talking about Krissy. my mistake.

  12. Ringmaster Says:

    Mellanie and Isis will be a good contest. I agree that Isis will win thanks to her experience of racking up style points while she’s on top.
    We definitely need to see Holly wrestle Mellanie again after they are both dumped out of SV.

  13. arikh Says:

    mellanie said she will be facing Wenona at the next round…

    1. Tia vs Trina
    2. Wenona vs Mellanie
    3. Isis vs unknown
    4. Darling vs unknown

    maybe Matt is planning a rematch between Isis and Holly…

  14. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    I’m still confused by the way Matt seeds the wrestlers in Summer Vengeance. if Trina is the lowest seeded opponent, shouldn’t she wrestle Darling in the next round? but if Trina wrestles Tia, and Wenona wrestles Mellanie, then it’s probably going to be Darling vs. Holly and Isis vs. the winner of Jessie and Rain. any ideas as to who won that won? my money’s on Jessie…

  15. arikh Says:

    haven’t heard from jesse or rain the match took place and time.

    I think rain will win, she’s bigger . she has couple of though matches against the elite, but don’t forget the great matches she had against Amber, Bella and Mellanie monroe. she will handle jesse easy.

  16. Ringmaster Says:

    Yeah. Jessie’s cunt lips are in for some roughhandling from big bad Rain.

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