Hot AZN Chick Credited With Turning Around Shitty Work Day

I hate working Saturdays! even worse, I hate working a closing shift! it just so happens I was working the closing shift yesterday. the first coupla hours, nothing worth noting happened. I was adjusting my pants b/c the belt I wear tends to cut off the circulation to my junk. and that’s when I spotted her checking out some mid-range cameras.

“hey baby, how you doin’?”
“uhh, not much, I just need to buy a new camera.”

she was partial to the Canon SX 20, but was also looking for something a bit more compact…

“have you seen the Sony H-55? it’s 14 MP with a 10x zoom, and has the sweet new panorama sweep mode.”

she was looking at the new Flip HD Slide, but I talked her in to buying a Kodak Zi8 instead. this may be one of the few times I’ve ever recommended Kodak over another comparable product.

she bought both products I suggested, and thanked me for the advice. of course, there’s always the possibility my advice will backfire, and she comes back complaining about the cameras. in which case, I’ll offer her a 100% refund, and we could probably go to Hops afterwards for some drinks…

Sony H-55

on a side note, I am thinking about buying the H-55 as a step up from my Canon SD 780. it certainly helps that Sony has switched over to the SD memory card format.


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