Ulitmate Surrender – S7E36 – (6) Isis Love vs. (10) Holly Heart

Ultimate Surrender’s resident Goddess…of Sodomy is back for her final regular season tune-up before the real fun of Summer Vengeance begins. how many women are there that can wrestle, chew gum, and talk smack, all at the same time?!? with a record of 4-0, Isis has looked just as dominant as she did before her injury. she has already clinched a first round bye in the granddaddy of all lesbian sexfight tournaments.

Holly Heart has taken more than her fair share of lumps (and anal poundings) this season. she enters this match with an 0-4 record, but it hasn’t been due to lack of effort. with each defeat, she has been honing her noob skillz, in hopes, she will one day become like her partner on the tag circuit, the Dragon. soon enough, she shall reap the fruits of her labour. for now, she is on the receiving end of more backdoor shenanigans in round 4.

Isis was in control, but the match had to be stopped, when it appeared as tho she suffered a mild shoulder injury with 25 seconds left in round 2. since the match passed the halfway point, round 4 proceeded, and Isis celebrated by once again proving why she is the undisputed Goddess…of Sodomy!

Isis Love


5 Responses to “Ulitmate Surrender – S7E36 – (6) Isis Love vs. (10) Holly Heart”

  1. arikh Says:

    Holly needs to go for style points. she improving every match, and next year she will be even better.

    SV 2010 – first round:
    1. (10) Holly Heart vs (9) Krissy Lynn ā€“ 175:145
    2. (11) Mellanie Monroe vs (12) Tara Lynn Fox ā€“ 255:168
    3. (13) Rain Degrey vs (14) Jessie Cox – unknown. probably didn’t happend yet. assuming Rain will win.
    4. (16) Trina Michaels vs (15) Gia Dimarco ā€“ 226:66

    2nd round:
    1. Tia vs Trina
    2. Wenona vs Mellanie
    3. Isis vs Holly/Rain
    4. Darling vs Holly/Rain

  2. Ringmaster Says:

    Isis hung on to her ass-fucking rights against Holly but she got put in holds by the blonde, who should have racked up more points with tit fondling, forced kissing/licking etc. If they face each other again in SV, I expect a closer match with a more confident Holly after her defeat of Krissy. Rain could give Isis a workout if she shows some of the feisty nature from her early matches. Many of us would love to see Isis suffer a series of defeats to skilled Noobz who take pleasure in plundering her ample tits, ass and pussy in Rd4. Mellanie, especially, would give her a good strap-on fucking.

  3. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    Isis better start hitting that Wii Fit I sent her, if she wants to survive Summer Vengeance! I saw a video she posted on facebook, where she complained that she was out of shape. she had been partying with Bella Rossi and Jessie Cox, the nite before. Holly had that look in her eyes prior to round 4, like she could’ve won the match. for the record, I am still picking Jessie to beat Rain (assuming they are matched up)

  4. Ringmaster Says:

    Yes, Isis needs to sharpen up or she’s Holly’s bitch in SV.
    Rain has been disappointing lately but should still beat Jessie based on her size and strength.

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      Krissy Lynn’s 2nd anal scene for Brazzers drops tomorrow. hopefully, Holly was taking notes…

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