20 Albums That Are Currently In My Playlist

off work today, and thought I’d load up my winamp with 20 albums I have a profound affinity for. so far, the results have been cremulescent, to say the least. let’s take a look at what I’m listening to:

Slayer – Reign In Blood
Kreator – Terrible Certainty
Metallica – Master Of Puppets
Megadeth – Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying
Sleep – Volume One
1349 – Liberation
Ministry – With Sympathy
Rodrigo y Gabriela – 11:11
Bat For Lashes – Fur And Gold
Mr. Bungle – Mr. Bungle
GWAR – Scumdogs Of The Universe
Atari Teenage Riot- The Future Of War
La Roux – La Roux
Carnivore – Retaliation
Skinny Puppy – Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse
Chemlab- Burn Out At The Hydrogen Bar
Tiamat – Clouds
Moistboyz – IV
Alice In Chains – Facelift
Dead Kennedys – Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables

to make it even more brutal, I am taking a page from my buddy, JCL’s playbook, and listening to them track by track (ie all track 1s, all track 2s, etc.) GAWDAMN, THIS RAWKS!!!


P.S.- yeah, I listen to Bat For Lashes, SO FUCKING WHAT!!!

3 Responses to “20 Albums That Are Currently In My Playlist”

  1. Clint Says:

    I agree with you on about 14 of these albums! Which is probably about 13 more than I would get with 99.9% of ppl [assuming everyone had a blogpost like this].

    …you rock!

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      1349 – you would like since you like Celtic Frost
      Rodrigo y Gabriela – you would like since you already like Alex Skolnick Trio
      Sleep – you might like if you were in the right frame of mind
      Skinny Puppy – you would like since you already like NIN and Ministry
      Bat For Lashes – you might like if I can find another artist to transition between her and someone like Meg Lee Chin
      La Roux – a poppier version of Bat For Lashes

      so potentially, you could like all of these albums. you just don’t know it yet 🙂

      • Clint Says:

        You are operating under the assumption that if I like one band that sounds like X, that I’d like more.

        For example, because I like The Church, I would like another band that sounds just like ’em.

        But actually, for a lot of aesthetics or styles of music, I only like 1 or 2 bands, and it fills up my demand for that kind of music, and thus other stuff that sounds the same I sometimes do not like.

        I mean, Alex Skolnick Trio – I never want to listen to another band that sounds like that again. It’s way more than a lifetime’s worth of jazz covers for me…..

        So… it’s only potential. I don’t know that the potential is actually realizable 🙂

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