Krissy Lynn To Get Boob Job Re-Did

no sooner had her 2nd nut-busting anal scene dropped on Brazzers, than Krissy Lynn made the announcement in the scene comment section, that her first boob job was kinda sorta fucked up. in a statement released at approx. 2:47 AM, Ms. Lynn wrote:

“I watched my video. I know that my implants are pretty screwed up at many angles. I am going to get them RE-DONE! Kind of embarrassing for me.”

boob job expert, Dr. Lanilim Milmiliman Swimwamly, of the Tijuana Medical School of Breast Augmentation noted “I remember as far back as September, when she did a scene for Wired Pussy, that there just wasn’t something quite right about her tits.”

he later admitted “I was too busy watching her get her brains fucked out by two hot Asian chicks to really notice. I mean seriously, did u see it? they poured hot candle wax on her tits! there was some foot worship, forced pussy eating, hot strap-on fucking, that scene had it all!”

look for Krissy Lynn’s Funbags Version 3.0 to make their grand debut in Ultimate Surrender season 8…allegedly

Krissy Lynn


One Response to “Krissy Lynn To Get Boob Job Re-Did”

  1. Clint Says:

    funbags 3.0.. haha

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