I Was Flying JetBlue The Other Day…

the great thing about flying on that airline, is that they have Directv and Sirius radio on all their flights. so, I was flipping thru the stations to see if anything caught my ear, when Donna Summer came on. granted, I’m not a fan of Donna Summer, or the disco genre, in general, but there was just something about this tune that stuck in my head.

I went on youtube and found a video of a live performance from 1975. I think it was for some show in Holland. very simple lyrics, with a catchy hook, and one of the more overtly sexual songs I’ve heard in quite a while. to me, she sounds like Marilyn Monroe, or perhaps the lead singer of Lords Of Acid. or perhaps, in some bizarro alternate universe, a combination of the two. it’s all the moaning she does, that really makes this song stand out. that, and the guy dancing in his unitard that makes it look like he’s wearing a diaper. cocaine is a powerful drug!

Time Magazine reported that 22 orgasms were simulated in the making of this song. no word tho, on how many children were conceived during the listening of this song.

a full recap of my weekend in Boston coming up tomorrow…


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