Summer Vengeance IV – Week 3 – Mellanie Monroe vs. Tara Lynn Fox

the charges of our two finalists from last year’s Summer Vengeance championship match, square off in the third of four opening round matches. it’s cougar vs. kitten as Team Assassin’s Mellanie “The Cowgirl” Monroe takes on Team Ninja’s Tara Lynn “The Shortstop” Fox. winner gets a hot date with Wenona in the second round!

Mellanie Monroe is the resident cougar of Ultimate Surrender, out on the prowl for a young kitten. her 2-3 record during the regular season, does not do her justice for the effort and strides she has made in her rookie campaign. losses to the regular season champion, Dragon, last season’s Summer Vengeance champion, and current tag team partner, Ariel X, and rookie of the year candidate, Rain DeGrey, who was victorious over Jessie Cox, in her opening round match. she also holds a victory over Holly Heart, who will be in action next week.

Tara Lynn Fox is the youngest gal on the roster, having recently celebrated her 20th birthday! she is another of the up-and-coming rookies of season 7. she finds herself atop the tag team league with her partner, Vendetta, but has yet to register a win thru her first three matches. with losses to some of the legends of Ultimate Surrender, Isis, Dragon, Darling, she is hoping to claim her first victory on the singles circuit, at the expense of a fellow noob.

interesting to note that they did have one common opponent during the regular season, Dragon, with very similar scorelines. Mellanie fell 787-12, in week 10. Tara was beaten 737-12, in week 17.

Team Assassin can claim some small measure of revenge, for their loss to Team Ninja, in February. Mellanie used her size advantage to pull out the victory in what turned out to be a hotly-contested back-and-forth match. she jumped out to a 58-point lead thru the first round. Tara bounced back to cut the lead to 25, heading in to the third round. Mellanie extended her lead down the stretch, winning 255-168. and somewhere Ariel X was overheard to say “BOO YAA!!!”

Mellanie vs. Tara


One Response to “Summer Vengeance IV – Week 3 – Mellanie Monroe vs. Tara Lynn Fox”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Two women who enjoy being aggressively gangbanged by groups of meatheads will always wrestle well and so it proved here. And, as they always say, a good big un will always beat a good little un.
    Mellanie v Wenona will be an interesting test of how far the former has progressed under Ariel’s tutelage, but you still have to fancy the gymnast to win it thanks to her ability to constantly rack up points with finger fucking, facelicking and tit fondling during any moments where she has control. Wenona also gets turned on by wrestling girls with big tits (remember the way she went after Krissy) so she will be well motivated to play with Mellanie’s pendulous funbags.
    Mellanie’s only hope is to use her weight defensively to minimise Wenona’s scoring opportunities while aiming to clamp her thighs round the slimmer girl’s head for some high scoring facesit, finger fuck combos.

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