My Mother Left Me In Canada

the birth of my birthgiver gave birth to the notion that my own birthgiver would give birth to me, quoth the wiseman. I swore I would ramble these inferwebz and blog incontinent, until the day I found her.

’twas her birthday, and someone had tipped her off that I was planning to do 15 minutes of stand-up material, in lieu of doing something uber-lame, like taking her out to dinner. she didn’t much appreciate this, so she made me hitchhike cross-country from Kamloops, BC to Burbury, CT.

I arrived back home to find that she had moved, and that our house had become a gentlemens club with pregnant strippers. one day I will smother my mother with perpetual protectoration. oh well, tomorrow is Father’s Day…

Happy birthday, mommy!


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