America, FUCK YEAH!!!

just when it looked like the USA was going to crash out in the group stage, thanks to yet another disallowed goal, Landon Donovan had the storybook ending with the only goal of the match in the 91st minute.

the score could’ve been a lot more lopsided than 1-0. in addition to the disallowed goal for a questionable offsides, Clint Dempsey struck the goal post early in the second half. there were also two occasions where USA missed golden opportunities to score on an open net.

I didn’t originally pick the USA to advance past the group stage, but I’m extremely happy that they not only advanced, but topped their group. after being fucked out of 2 points, in their match with Slovenia, it would’ve been a complete travesty if they were eliminated.

the final round of matches in Group D kicks off in roughly 2 hours. Ghana are top of the table with 4 points, but playing a German side, who are probably more pissed off than Alec Empire at a German Labour Day parade. Germany and Serbia each have 3 points, and Australia has 1. I’ll predict Germany and Serbia both win. Germany tops the group to play England, and Serbia will get the USA.



One Response to “America, FUCK YEAH!!!”

  1. Clint Says:

    Best sports article ever: I read like 5 words, and saw “Clint”. Fuck yeah! Clint!!!

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