Summer Vengeance IV – Week 4 – Holly Heart vs. Krissy Lynn

first round action concludes this week as the Summer Vengeance version of “The Group of Death” gets underway. Darling and Ariel X are waiting in the wings for our winner.

Holly Heart is still in search of her first win at Ultimate Surrender. her 0-5 record is not due to lack of effort. all five of her losses have come against girls who are still active in this year’s Summer Vengeance. Holly made impressive runs in each of her last two matches, including a 3-point loss to Tia Ling in week 32.

you’d be hard-pressed to find a rookie who had more hype this season, than Krissy Lynn. Matt compared her strength and physicality to that of Vendetta. high praise, indeed! having already conquered the gonzo porn scene via Brazzers, she showed up at Ultimate Surrender, ready to put her athletic background to good use. she enters Summer Vengeance with a 1-2 record.

there is no better time than Summer Vengeance for a rookie to pick up their first win. after a season of near misses and anal probings, Holly Heart finally picks up her first win. a hard-fought match where neither girl gave an inch. Holly had more experience, and wanted it just a little bit more. a final score of 175-145. we will see Krissy Lynn back for season 8, with her new bewbz!

Holly vs. Krissy


One Response to “Summer Vengeance IV – Week 4 – Holly Heart vs. Krissy Lynn”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Holly came good, in more ways than one. At just the right moment as well. Krissy was not rugged enough to overcome the Queen of Skank and should think twice about increasing her tit size. Jug fondling earned Holly a lot of points.

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