Things I Learned From Watching The Courtney Love “Behind The Music”

she had a pretty fucked-up childhood
her father managed Grateful Dead for all of about a minute
she appears on the back cover of the Aoxomoxoa album aka We Ate The Acid
slept with Roddy Bottum in order to become the lead singer of Faith No More
said Faith No More’s original lead singer was terrible (was she referring to Meg Lee Chin?)
Trent Reznor is “a whiny bitch with a three-inch nail”
she is obsessed with noses
she thinks Axl Rose has a great nose, but no way would she ever mate with him
she likes to scream
she wrote Hole’s first single “Retard Girl” about the time she was almost raped while working as a stripper
half her band quit when she tried to go mainstream with Live Through This
she hates the opening riff to “Celebrity Skin” (written by Billy Corgan)
$45 is still too much to pay for a Hole show
Frances Bean is turning 18 in August
rest assured, this was the most entertaining and informative Behind The Music I’ve seen since TLC

Bean Love Cobain


5 Responses to “Things I Learned From Watching The Courtney Love “Behind The Music””

  1. Clint Says:

    Meg Lee Chin was the original singer for Garbage, not Faith No More.

  2. Clint Says:

    Retard Girl is a great song. Didn’t know it was the 1st single! There’s a 720p movie that’s all Cobain audio interviews right before he died – good stuff.

  3. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    I forgot to mention, she also used to stick pins in his balls to wake him up. wikipedia says Meg Lee Chin was one of the original vocalists for FNM (along with Love) on demos that were later erased. they didn’t want a female lead, so they hired Chuck Mosley. then, they wanted someone who could actually sing, so they hired Mike Patton.

  4. thejamminjabber Says:

    Haha, no wonder Roddy went gay.

    You ever notice the similarities between Roddy Bottum and Paul Shaffer? 🙂

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