FIFA Got It Wrong, And Apparently Doesn’t Care

FIFA says they welcome controversy, but this is ridiculous. two games yesterday, that featured blown calls by officials, that very easily could’ve been corrected, if they bothered to use instant replay.

Frank Lampard’s goal that wasn’t in the 38th minute of the England-Germany match, would’ve tied the game at 2. not saying that Germany wouldn’t have scored again after that, b/c they had done a good job carving thru the central defence of England. but tactically, things would’ve probably been different from Coach Fabio Capello. watching the goal in real-time, it looked like the ball crossed the line, and replay confirmed the ball was a good 1.5 yards over the line, after striking the underside of the crossbar.


Argentina’s first goal, off a header from Carlos Tevez in the 26th minute, where he was clearly in an offsides position. the referee immediately went over to discuss things with the linesman, after awarding the goal. Mexican players ran over to the officials, and pointed to the replay on the scoreboard. the goal stood, and seven minutes later, Gonzalo Higuain struck again for Argentina, capitalizing on a turnover by Ricardo Osorio.


in both cases, the better side won, but you can’t ignore the fact that FIFA should do more to embrace the technology that’s available to them. their official stance is no comment, and now they’ve taken the extra measure of censoring stadium replays at the World Cup. modern technology? not on Sepp Blatter’s watch…


One Response to “FIFA Got It Wrong, And Apparently Doesn’t Care”

  1. chriggy Says:

    I’m gonna have to agree. FIFA definitely needs to implement instant replay. Soooooo many bad calls during the cup already, and we’re not even finished yet.

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