The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret

David Cross is back with a new show for the BBC. The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret follows the trials and tribulations of the aforementioned Todd Margaret (Cross). Todd is a lowly temp who’s company has just been bought out. the new owner (played by fellow Arrested Development alum, Will Arnett) overhears him yelling at a customer over the phone. only, it turns out that Todd is listening to a self-help tape on how to not be a pussy.

the new boss sends Todd to London to head up sales of their new energy drink. things just get increasingly worse from this point on for Todd. he arrives in London with only American money…his suitcase is mistaken for a bomb, and detonated by a swat team…his feeble attempts to impress the owner of a local deli are derailed by his new assistant, Dave, who is quite possibly the worst assistant ever! the fact that Todd has no knowledge of British culture or previous experience in sales only adds to his misfortune. if you like any of David Cross previous works, you will probably enjoy this offering. I give it 4 increasingly poor decisions…out of 5

the pilot episode originally aired in November, as part of a comedy showcase on the BBC, and has been picked up for a six-episode run. no word yet on when they will air.

Todd Margaret


One Response to “The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret”

  1. Clint Says:

    Yea, it was decent! I wish UK seasons [“series”] were longer than 6 episodes!

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