Hipsterscum Joins Facebook

big news coming across the inferwebz this weekend, as we can now confirm that the lead singer/guitarist of Carnival Machine Armada, hispterscum, has joined the social networking site, facebook.

“it was only a few years ago, that hipsterscum finally got an email address, so we are extremely pleased with his progress.” one unnamed source familiar with the situation said.

Carnival Machine Armada fan, and jam band enthusiast, Percival Handfisher had this to say: “I checked my facebook account, and I had a friend request from hipsterscum! can you believe it, brah?!? the lead singer of one of the greatest jam bands ever, asked to add me as a friend on facebook!”

thru his agent, hipsterscum released the following statement on his facebook page:
“Hey folks, I’m finally on fb. Please to be a little patient as I learn my way ’round.”

industry analysts believe he may be ready to join twitter as early as August 2013…

Carnival Machine Armada fan, Percival Handfisher, reacts to the news that hipsterscum has joined facebook


One Response to “Hipsterscum Joins Facebook”

  1. Clint Says:

    bwahahahhaah I put this on his wall 🙂

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