Every Chomsky Honk On The Planet Went Out Of Town This Weekend

I was off Friday, Sunday, and Monday. I shoulda just blown off work on Saturday, and gone to Chincoteague. I woulda gone to X-Day, but I don’t think I coulda lasted an entire week, a weekend maybe. I have ideas of shit I wanna’ do, but the execution just isn’t there. and altho I went on vacation about a month ago, I am already burned out, and looking to take some more time off. perhaps, we head out to Vegas in mid-August, but it’s still in the speculative stage.

so I spent my days off watching the World Cup, sweating out a Spain-Paraguay match that was much closer than it should’ve been. I had plenty of time to catch up on some of my favourite [adult swim] shows: Squidbillies, Boondocks, and Check It Out with Dr. Steve Brule.

I also heard that my good buddy, hokiepat, got married this weekend, in what I can only assume was a low-key private ceremony. there were no Dream Team members in attendance, but maybe that was a good thing. congratulations to the happy couple, and best wishes for the future.


One Response to “Every Chomsky Honk On The Planet Went Out Of Town This Weekend”

  1. Clint Says:

    oh you’d survive, everyone else did! Even that guy who passed out halfway in someone else’s van. Did need 7 layers most nights, and a constant misting of water that last hot day… X-Day ruled!

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