It’s Another King Diamond Appreciation Day

what better way to spend the 7th day of July, than by sitting in your underwear, drinking Tuborg beer, and listening to the collective works of King Diamond. a tradition that dates all the way back to 2006! it was at that time, when Slayer announced a “National Day of Slayer” to coincide with the release of the Christ Illusion album. it was a brilliant marketing move on their part, and it’s a date that’s still celebrated by metalheads the world over.

so why not create a day that celebrates one of the leaders of the Scandinavian black metal movement. July 7 was perfect, as the date was immortalized in King’s 1987 album “Abigail” a true masterpiece. King released his first album (with Mercyful Fate) Abigail in 1983. many ppl would argue it’s one of the greatest albums of the genre. nearly 30 years later, and close to two dozen albums later, King is still around. unfortunately, he has been slowed by back pain for the last coupla years, but I still hold out hope of seeing him perform live.

included with this post is an interview conducted with King about the Abigail album done in the UK sometime prior to the American tour in support of the album. special thx to LeftyEnright666 for posting this gem on youtube, enjoy!

King Diamond


One Response to “It’s Another King Diamond Appreciation Day”

  1. Clint Says:

    It never occurred to me to celebrate it… doh

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