One Hundred

100 kisses from the angels on my tummy
100 kisses from my mommy when I’m crummy
100 sins leaves you dead within
100 nails that pierce your skin

a magical number for us Hollywood showbiz types. it signifies that you have made it into the glorious realm of syndication. Aqua Teen Hunger Force recently celebrated their 100th episode! Shake flies to Hollywood, so he can start cashing in those royalty checks. but hold on a minute, ATHF is only an 11-minute show, so technically, they’ve only done 50 episodes. Shake returns to south Jersey to fill time for another 50 episodes. with the number 100 closing in on them, the Aqua Teens must re-invent themselves, in order to finish the episode, or else they lose their episouls.

this episode contains several instances where they break down “the fourth wall” including one jab at the [adult swim] online shop, in reference to the Meatwad and Ignignokt knitcaps being available at higher prices, than you can find them elsewhere.

special guest stars include George Lowe aka Space Ghost, mc chris (singing the “100” song), and Robert Smigel (voice of Triumph the insult comic dog, TV Funhouse, Conan O’ Brien, SNL, etc.) as the number 100

I first saw this episode the same nite that I done seen Dave Willis and Dana Snyder performing Aqua Teen Live at the State Theatre, back in May. this was a great episode, and a hella awesome way to mark a milestone AND close out a season. 5 Meaty Meaty Moos!…out of 5

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Aqua Unit Patrol Squad

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  1. Clint Says:

    Good stuff 🙂

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