dates for the second leg of the American Carnage tour are on pre-sale now. Slayer is headlining an all-star metal tour, where they will be playing Seasons In The Abyss, in it’s entirety. Megadeth and Anthrax are opening, altho either one of them could just as easily headline their own tours.

it started back in March with Megadeth doing a Rust In Peace 20th Anniversary tour, along with Testament and Exodus, in support. in addition to Megadeth playing Rust In Peace in it’s entirety, Testament played their first album, The Legacy, in it’s entirety. overall, it was a really tight show, and I’d say it was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. the same can not be said for the debacle that took place the following nite in Baltimore. if u can believe it, that show single-handedly changed the complexion of Megadeth’s setlist. they replaced “Set The World Afire” with “Skin O’ My Teeth” and “Wake Up Dead” with “She Wolf” that would hold true for the rest of the tour. so in a way, I should be thankful I got to see the better of the two sets.

I’ve never seen Anthrax, and to be honest, I’m more familiar with Scott Ian’s work with SOD (whose catalogue is better, IMHO) feel free to laugh at this, but the first time I heard of Anthrax, was when they appeared on Married…With Children, back in like 1992. if I had to pick one album of theirs, I’d like to hear them play all the way thru, it would hafta be Among The Living.

I wouldn’t mind if Megadeth kept their set intact, from the previous tour, but since they don’t necessarily have the headlining spot, I expect an abbreviated set, where they still play Rust In Peace, in it’s entirety, and maybe 2 or 3 other songs.

Slayer is guaranteed to rip skulls regardless of whether Tom Araya’s vocal chords are fucked, or if he still has issues with his back. I saw them not too long ago on Jimmy Kimmel, and they sounded pretty good. I haven’t listened to World Painted Blood, but I am very familiar with the aforementioned Seasons In The Abyss aka their 3rd-best album. I expect they’ll throw in an array of their entire discogrpahy, for good measure.

all three of these bands were on tour just last month in Europe, as part of a string of “Big Four” festival dates, with Metallica. too bad Metallica will be busy re-furbishing their gold-plated toilet bowls, and are unavailable to make the US tour. I would only see them again if they only played Cliff Burton-era material and/or any of their first three albums in their entirety (Master of Puppets would be preferred)

the first leg of the American Carnage tour kicks off July 23 in Quebec City (sacre bleu!) I’ll give my feedback on setlists shortly thereafter. I reckon I’ll be there on October 6, when the tour stops in Baltimore (fortunately not Rams Head Live)



One Response to “SLAYEGADETHRAX!!!”

  1. Clint Says:

    lol @ Married With Children!!

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