Fridays With Persie

it was just another typical Friday. I was pumped b/c it was almost the end of a long work week. I was working a mid-shift, as I went in around noon…

“nah, hold up, wait a minute.”
“oh, hey Carl, what’s up?”
“you know damn well you were off last Friday. remember? you called out sick b/c you were celebrating the 9-year anniversary of when your friend moved to Los Angeles. your mom called b/c she needed you to help her move an armoire, but you told her you couldn’t come over, b/c it was too hot to wear pants.”
“oh yeah, she threw her back out. I should probably visit her in the hospital.”
“and you weren’t selling cameras and camera accessories, either. you were sitting in your underwear, drinking Heineken, and watching Big Butt Oil Orgy 2.”
“well, you know, I thought I would get lost in the subtle plot intricacies, b/c I hadn’t seen the first one, but I was totally able to follow the story.”
“yeah, so then you called some girl and asked her if she wanted to come over and watch a video of you drinking Crown Royal while listening to Metallica.”
“in 1080p”
“I filmed it in 1080p. I drank half a fifth in 8 minutes, I called it Disposable Brain Cells. soon to be a smash hit on T3H UTOOB”
“aw dude, whateva! you don’t think there’s anything wrong with that?”
“not at all, I mean there were some minor issues with the lighting and also artifacting from time to time.”
‘you gotta be more responsible! I mean, seriously, I could see if you were filming yourself doing some wicked air guitar solos, or practicing hitting on women.”
“Carl, calm down, she’s coming over on Saturday. I met her thru work.”
“oh yeah, how’d that happen? you get her credit card number off a sales receipt, like the last one?”

stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion to tonite’s episode, coming later this week…



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