Squidbillies Perform Stirring Musical Tribute To America

Squidbillies wrapped up their fifth season this past Sunday, with a special 22-minute episode titled “America: Why I Love Her: The Musical” normally, I don’t like musical numbers in mah picture tube stories, cuz they anger up mah bloodstream, but this un herre wuz quite good.

Al-Qaeda sets up a training compound next door to the Cuylers. apparently, they are after the yellow cake buried on Early’s property. Rusty is kidnapped and turned in to a suicide bomber, but the plan backfires, and Al-Qaeda makes Early an offer he can’t refuse, or can he? do it for America!

this was an awesome season of Squidbillies, and this show looks pretty damn good in 720p! the double-length season finale was a nice way to cap it off. as I said before, I’m not a huge fan of musical numbers, but they were all very well done, and complemented the jokes in between.

guest appearances from such musical acts as Jackyl, Drive-By Truckers, and Lucinda Williams. Fred Armisen (SNL) makes an uncredited appearance as a member of Al-Qaeda.

I give it my highest rating, 6 virgins waiting in heaven…out of 5!





One Response to “Squidbillies Perform Stirring Musical Tribute To America”

  1. Clint Says:

    I was so behind it took me forever to watch this one. Then this item was so buried in my google reader starred items that it was another forever before I found this unread post (cause I didn’t want spoilers). Now I don’t remember the episode. FML. 🙂

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