La Roux Show Postponed…AGAIN!

as the President of the DC-Area Chapter of the La Roux Fanboy Society, it is my unfortunate duty to report that the La Roux show set for 9:30 Club on July 27, has been postponed.

Elly Jackson contracted pharyngitis after the show at the Nokia Club in Los Angeles on July 15. she has returned home to the UK for treatment. her management confirmed on Monday, that her dates on Lilith Fair were cancelled. while there is no official word on dates for her own headlining tour, we found out according to a few venues web sites, that several shows have been postponed. a check of the 9:30 Club site still has her show for the 27th listed, but they may be holding out, until they can announce a make-up date. this was already the make-up date from February, when she had to postpone due to the blizzard.

let’s take a look at some of the bizarre circumstances that have beset several other musical acts I’ve seen in 2010:

March 3: the day before I saw Alice In Chains, they were forced to cancel the show in Charlotte, due to Jerry Cantrell coming down with the flu. to make matters worse, fans were forced to stand outside in the freezing cold, and in a snowstorm, for hours before finding out. at the DC show, Jerry Cantrell admitted he felt like shit, but he played his ass off! LOVE, HATE, LOVE, BRAH!

March 15: the day after I saw Megadeth, they had to postpone the show after three songs, b/c someone threw a beer on the PA, which shorted out the system. they were having issues with the PA all nite (not just Megadeth) they came back to re-play the show the following nite. there are some hilarious videos of Dave Mustaine ranting against Rams Head on youtube.

May 18: a coupla days after I saw ChemLab, there were reports that the entire tour bus had been hit with a stomach flu, causing them to cancel at least one show. Jared Louche ran his hand thru my hair, and then kicked me in the head. I did shots of Grey Goose at the bar, with the lead singer of Left Spine Down. I lost my keys, good times!

so here’s wishing Elly a speedy recovery, and hoping that she can book a date in the near future. as long as it’s not September 24 (ATARI TEENAGE RIOT) or October 6 (SLAYEGADETHRAX)

GET WELL, GET WELL SOON, WE WISH YOU TO GET WELL! (cue the Seinfeld music)


2 Responses to “La Roux Show Postponed…AGAIN!”

  1. Clint Says:

    She returned to the UK? What, American Health Care isn’t the best in the world?!?!

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      I dunno. they said she had been suffering from bronchitis for months! they told her to take three weeks off, and they would try to re-schedule for November. honestly tho, I’m kinda glad that the show got postponed b/c it woulda been a late show (ie 10 PM doors) and she had an opening act, and her sets usually only last approx. 1 hour. I hope she comes back, b/c I dig her music. we’ll see…

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