Don’t Shit Where You Eat, My Friend

this just in to us from our “we like to insert Ween song references in to blog headlines where applicable” department. I was watching ESPN’s Outside The Lines, and they were airing a piece on the food service at stadiums in North America. lo and behold, DC’s very own Verizon Center scored a perfect 100%…for critical health code violations.

mice droppings were found at at least 10 vendors stands. this is great news for fans who were hoping for more rodent feces in their cheese fries. that’s not mayonnaise on your burger, somebody jacked off in it. somebody peed in your Milwaukee’s Best?!? oh, no wait, it just normally tastes like stale urine.

finally, we can say we’re #1 at something! yeah, our professional sports teams may be mediocre to below average, but at least we lead the nation in projectile vomiting.

…and that’s why I NEVER…EVER buy food at the concession stand. not to mention the prices are ricoculous to begin with.

u can check out the article here, BON APETIT!

just so u know, I have this on a shirt


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