Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Added To Local Moron’s Heavy Rotation

we received word that Sleepytime Gorilla Museum MAY HAVE played their final US show last Saturday at the Great American Ballroom in San Francisco (I spent a year there, one nite)

as such, both of the SGM albums I own, will see ample playtime. whilst my La Roux collection, takes a breather, before her alleged re-re-scheduled date at the 9:30 Club (now scheduled for Nov. 10)

I had the privilege of seeing SGM on two separate occasions in 2007. both times they played the Black Cat. I was positioned right in front of the stage both times, and managed to snap some terrific shots during the June show. I was also able to meet both Carla and Nils at the merch table after that show. they were very cool, and some of the most down-to-earth musicians I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. the first time I saw them was in March, when they were on tour with Trey Spruance (formerly of Mr. Bungle) current band, Secret Chiefs 3.

I remember the first time I heard a SGM record, they reminded me of a cross between Faith No More and The Residents. it’s probably not a very accurate description, but those were the first two bands I thought of at the time. it was “Sleep Is Wrong” that made me think of FNM, and “Ablutions” that made me think of The Residents.

never say never, but if in fact that is the case, I will always look back on those shows with great fondness, and be glad I was able to see them play. now, plz to enjoy this thread of pics I took at the June 5, 2007 show…

Nils Frykdahl and his amazing neckbeard

Carla Kihlstedt
Carla Kihlstedt

SGM rawkin’ out


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