Unit 731 Is Necrophobic

would totally make an awesome song title, I know! but I was listening to the new Slayer album, and heard a riff in “Unit 731” that sounded a lot like the main riff from “Necrophobic” one of the unheralded songs off the timeless masterpiece that is Reign In Blood released in the year of our Lord, 1986, when thrash metal achieved absolute perfection. the riff in question on “Unit 731” starts around the 1:30 mark. SHEER FUCKING AWESOMENESS ENSUES!!!

but now I’m listening to Slayer’s 2006 masterpiece Christ Illusion which is their 4th-best album (according to me) and their best album since 1990’s Seasons In The Abyss which they are playing…all the way thru, on the current tour.

in closing, I’m really looking forward to seeing Slayer in October, end communication on tone…

there’s a really funny story behind why Jeff Hannemann is the only one not covered in fake blood


4 Responses to “Unit 731 Is Necrophobic”

  1. Clint Says:

    hahaha, great caption

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