Summer Vengeance IV – Week 9 – Vendetta vs. Tia Ling

the big news this week is that Isis Love has been retired by the powers-that-be at Ultimate Surrender. it was more of precautionary measure, seeing as how she has been hampered by injuries over the last few years. will her match next week with DagonLily, ultimately be her swan song?

the 1/4 finals are here, and this means we get our first look at the top seeds in this year’s tournament. Vendetta is the #4 seed, and the first woman to capture the triple crown of Ultimate Surrender. she is one of the most decorated wrestlers to ever set foot on the mat. a regular season title in season 3, the winner of the inaugural Summer Vengeance tournament in 2007, and a tag team title with Isis Love in January of this year. she went undefeated at 3-0 in the regular season, and is in great shape to pull off the double this year with her partner, Tara Lynn Fox, as they sit 3-0 on the tag circuit.

Tia ling is the 99-lb. spitfire of Ultimate Surrender. not only that, she is one of the finest conditioned athletes, currently on the roster. she has already toppled girls much bigger than her in the past, and looks to pull off Summer Vengeance first big upset. she is fresh off a second round win over Trina Michaels.

this was a brutal match from start to finish. there is no quit in Tia. she should be commended for the effort, and her overall performance this season. Vendetta was working on a shutout, heading in to round 3, before closing things out, 458-12. (btw, looks like they’ve got a new scoreboard for wrestlers who break quadruple digits) Vendetta fucked Tia’s tight ass in a variety of positions in round 4. next up, a possible date with this year’s IGRO-proclaimed Summer Vengeance champion, Ariel X!

P.S.- Ariel’s 1/4 final match with Darling airs August 20! potential match of the year candidate…



One Response to “Summer Vengeance IV – Week 9 – Vendetta vs. Tia Ling”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Good to see Vendetta looking as though she actually enjoyed fucking a loser for a change. Who wouldn’t enjoy fucking Tia’s asshole though? Great fight from Tia, who is always great to watch.

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