Steve Carell Does Between Two Ferns

to coincide with the release of Dinner For Schmucks, Steve Carell paid a visit to co-star Zach Galifianakis mock-interview show, Between Two Ferns. if you’ve seen any of the previous eight installments of this web-based series, then you know what to expect. 3.5 minutes of back-and-forth verbal sparring between the host and guest, with a heaping helping of back-handed compliments thrown in for good measure.

Steve opens with a fat joke about how the camera adds 10 pounds, and it looks like Zach must’ve eaten about 5 cameras. Zach mentions The Office, which prompts Steve to bring up Ricky Gervais. Steve says he’s seen the show before, so he automatically assumes Zach is going to confuse him with Ricky, or talk about how the British version is so much better.

Zach talks about how they were going to use Steve’s nose as the basis for his character on Despicable Me, but decided to use something less cartoonish. Steve gets defensive when Zach mentions Evan Almighty. Zach mentions how great a movie it was, even tho it lost money, and nobody wanted to see it.

Steve launches a string of fat jokes, which causes Zach to become teary-eyed. Zach blames the Jews in Hollywood, for making him maintain his weight, now that he’s got a bit of a career going.

Zach makes another joke about Steve’s nose “when you go to the beach, and someone yells “shark, shark!” and then they realize it’s just Steve Carell swimming the backstroke.”
to which Steve replies “when you swim out past the buoys, do ppl think you’re an island?”
Zach mentions the percentage of his body fat compared to the weight of Steve’s nose. Zach stands up to make a point, but when he sits back down, the chair breaks.

watch the clip here

“your last name used to be a lot longer, but you ate all the other letters of the alphabet!”


One Response to “Steve Carell Does Between Two Ferns”

  1. Clint Says:

    That was a good one. Seemed to be the first one where the guest seemed to be in on it, in a sense.

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