Carnival Machine Armada Covers La Roux

there was a sellout crowd on hand last Tuesday nite at the 9:30 Club to see British synth-pop sensation, La Roux, performing hits from her self-titled debut album. the show was postponed due to illness, so local legends, Carnival Machine Armada, took to the stage under the guise of a La Roux tribute band.

they managed to crank out several La Roux tunes, but they used the opportunity to perform every song off their forthcoming self-titled album. the shape of the band has changed in the past few months, since they last performed: Persie Handfisher has moved in to lead vocals, Hipsterscum on bass, Wrath von MagicMist on guitars, and Gauge Yagee on drums. those familiar with previous Carnival Machine Armada efforts may be disappointed to learn they’ve shed their “jam band” image in favour of a heavier sound relying more on machine gun guitar riffs, guttural bass lines, and double bass drums.

the show opened with “Hockey Nite In Canaduh” a song that has become a staple of CMA’s sets. following the 3-minute punk rock ditty, von MagicMist got on the mic stating “we are no longer a jam band! we wanted to make an album that’s more guitar driven than vocals driven. and now you’re all gonna hafta fuckin’ listen to it!” as they lead in to the opening track “My Sex Tape Nightmare” which von MagicMist said was inspired by America’s fascination with no-talent celebrities.

things slowed down ever so slightly on “Compatible Sex Organ Love Ballad” which featured Hipsterscum on a mandolin. despite the sexually suggestive song title, this is easily the most radio-friendly song in the band’s repertoire. Handfisher noted afterwards, “this is our losing my religion.” prompting several audience members to break out in laughter. Persie flashed a look of disdain saying “that’s what I get for listening to the record company”

other highlights of the show included, “Bongwater Buffet”, the band’s nod to stoner rock bands like Sleep, which featured a thumping bass courtesy of Hipsterscum, who took over on lead vocals for the song. Yagee’s double bass drums were on full display during “Atomic Bondage Chapel” a song that features no chorus, and multiple tempo changes. “This Ain’t King Diamond’s Deadly Omens” which had Persie unsuccessfully attempting to mimic King Diamond’s heavenly falsetto. in spite of the vocals misstep, von MagicMist’s world-class guitar skillz came to the fore, bailing out what would’ve been the otherwise low point of the show.

Handfisher left the stage at the half-way point of the show, giving his bandmates the opportunity to showcase their individual talents during an extended version (approx. 17 mins. long) of “Adventure Time Freakout Jam” a song inspired by Yagee’s run-in with the cartoon show of the same name.

upon his return, Handfisher was decked out in a bloody lab coat and giant woodpecker head (was this some sort of bizarre homage to La Roux?) the mini-set of La Roux songs were re-arranged in to a macabre mix of droning bass, blast beat drumming, muddled vox, and during “Armour Love”, von MagicMist broke out an oscillator.

following CMA’s tribute to La Roux, von MagicMist began playing the opening riff to “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, but Handfisher interrupted asking the crowd “who wants to hear us play some Guns N’ Roses?” when the crowd began chanting at a fevered pitch “G-N-R” Handfisher struck a reflective pose, and said “FUCK THAT!” at which point they went straight in to another of their sludgier tracks off the new album “Chinese Doomocracy” a song that was dedicated to “my boy, Axl!” as Persie later put it.

the nearly 2-hour show concluded with an epic version of another staple of their sets “Heady Sundaes” so maybe the band hasn’t totally forsaken their jam band roots, but just distancing themselves ever so slightly. Carnival Machine Armada’s new album drops September 14, to coincide with the band’s first North American tour…

9:30 CLUB

Hockey Nite In Canaduh -> My Sex Tape Nightmare -> Sodomized In Her Sleep -> Bongwater Buffet -> Compatible Sex Organ Love Ballad -> Shemales On Parade -> Atomic Bondage Chapel -> Deadbabyskullfukk -> Adventure Time Freakout Jam -> LA ROUX: Quicksand -> I’m Not Your Toy -> Armour Love -> Bulletproof ->) Chinese Doomocracy -> Madison Parker’s Tight Asshole Can’t Lose -> This Ain’t King Diamond’s Deadly Omens -> Not Of This Grid -> Heady Sundaes

Carnival Machine Armada frontman, Persie Handfisher, takes a moment to reflect, during last week’s show


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  1. Clint Says:

    Dude. Wow. This post is amazing. 🙂

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