I Added Anthrax To My Heavy Rotation

still too early to make predictions on what songs they will play when they join Slayer and Megadeth on the American Carnage tour beginning Sept. 24 in Dallas, so I’ve gone ahead and thrown their entire discography in to my playlist. recent setlists from shows in Europe show they are playing roughly 11 songs a nite (which is probably the allotment they’ll get on American Carnage) four songs from my favourite Anthrax album, Among The Living with a coupla cover tunes thrown in, as well. I’ll update this after the first date. here’s the set they played August 5 in Moscow:

Caught In A Mosh -> Got the Time -> Madhouse -> Be All, End All -> Antisocial -> Indians -> Only -> Medusa -> Metal Thrashing Mad -> Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.) -> I Am The Law


One Response to “I Added Anthrax To My Heavy Rotation”

  1. Clint Says:

    oh damn.

    my equation gets more and more complex with each additional post of yours 🙂

    Slayer.*Hate.Worldwide|Slayer.*Seasons In The Abyss|Slayer.*world painted.*world painted|slayer.*south.*heav.*south.*heav|slayer.*reign.*blood.*[10][01]_|megadeth.*rust.*peace.*remast|Atari Teenage Riot|Slayer.*aggressive.perfector|Anthrax.*Caught In A Mosh|Anthrax.*Got The Time|anthrax.*Madhouse|anthrax.*be.*all.*end.*all|anthrax.*anti.*social|anthrax.*Indians|anthrax.*Only\.mp3|anthrax.*Medusa|anthrax.*metal thrashing mad|anthrax.*Efilnikufesin|anthrax.*I Am The Law:concert

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