Family Style Bar-B-Q

Bar-B-Que Movie (1988) is a long-form video for the Butthole Surfers, directed by the most excellent Alex Winter (aka Bill Preston Esq.) and starring John Hawkes, who went on to star in HBO’s Deadwood. it was shot on 8-mm film to give it that old-time grainy quality.

this is a homage to Texas Chainsaw Massacre. a family vacation goes awry, when they are sidetracked by a group of cannibals (played by the Butthole Surfers) they stop off at the cannibals family-style barbecue. the parents are drugged with hallucinogenic drinks. their son is murdered, and later fed to them. when the father goes to look for him, he stumbles upon the Butthole Surfers playing “Fast” aka “The Fart Song” when he awakens, he finds himself locked in a cage, eating his own son, while his wife sits in the cage next to him, completely silent, with an “I told ya so” expression on her face.

this video was both hilarious and disturbing. Gibby Haynes was pretty good in the few speaking lines he had. you might also remember him from GWAR’s critically-acclaimed Phallus In Wonderland (1992) it should’ve won an MTV video music award, a Grammy, and an Oscar! I DO NOT RECOMMEND watching if you have a weak stomach.


2 Responses to “Family Style Bar-B-Q”

  1. Clint Says:

    is THAT what happened?! – I just remember a bunch of cool as shit things on my tv. Hehe.

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