I Watched Me Up Some Food Party

it’s always great to find new eps. of Food Party, b/c I don’t have IFC. I’ve only seen a few from this season, so I spent my day off work, watching three that just came up on the ol’ spleen not too long ago.

Mirror Diet
Thu has a tendency of ordering more food than she’s capable of eating. she runs in to the uber-sparkly Mirror Diet man, who teaches her how to control her appetite, by using mirrors. this leads to her eyes and stomach rebelling against her.

Mirror Diet

Zit Butter
on a trip to the local butter factory, Thu gets sprayed by an elephant. this causes her face to break out in zits. always the entrepreneur, she is able to turn the puss from her popped zits, in to the next big food sensation.

Zit Butter

Sweet Sixteen
it’s Thu’s sweet sixteen party, and her father has a special surprise in store for her. a performance by none other than Mr. Misery! as a birthday gift to herself, Thu gets roast beef implants in her ass. HOT STUFF!!!

Sweet Sixteen


2 Responses to “I Watched Me Up Some Food Party”

  1. Clint Says:

    aw man, you watched ’em all???

  2. Clint Says:

    They were pretty damn good though!

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