Summer Vengeance IV – 1/2 FINAL #1 – Vendetta vs. Ariel X

before the season started, I trumpeted Ariel X to repeat as Summer Vengeance champion. the regular season came and went. Ariel was in top form, making short work of a handful of promising noobz. seeded #2 in this year’s tournament, she drew Darling in the 1/4 final round. it was a gritty match, but Ariel advanced.

Vendetta started as a PA for Ultimate Surrender watching gals like Nina, Dragon, and Isis, before she decided to give it a go. today, she is the most decorated champion the site has ever produced. the only woman to ever capture the coveted triple crown. a regular season title (season 3) a Summer Vengeance title (2007) and a tag title (with Isis) earlier this year. she has also made a habit of avenging her previous defeats.

and so it was in a rematch of last year’s epic clash in the championship match, Vendetta would avenge her previous loss to Ariel. I must give due credit to Vendetta on her victory. she proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she never lost a step. I was one of those who thought Ariel was unbeatable, that this would simply be a formality. I am left to eat my words, and wait patiently for Ariel’s return in season 8. propz to both ladies on a helluva match!

will we finally get the Vendetta-Dia match-up we’ve been waiting two years for? or will we get the rubber match, as Vendetta and Dragon Lily renew acquaintances, for the first time in four years?



One Response to “Summer Vengeance IV – 1/2 FINAL #1 – Vendetta vs. Ariel X”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    This result didn’t surprise me, given the form Vendetta is in currently. The only unexpected aspect was how much she relished the bumfuck opportunity in Rd4.
    I’ll go for Vendetta vs Dia in the final, with the former finishing about 300 pts ahead. Pls can we have another vigorous bumfuck after Dia beats the Dragon?

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