Summer Vengeance IV – 1/2 FINAL #2 – Dia Zerva vs. Dragon Lily

what we have here is a battle between arguably, the two best wrestlers, who have yet to hold a Summer Vengeance crown.

Dragon Lily is wrestling in her first ever Summer Vengeance, and is now the only competitor left from season 1. she returned, after having a baby Dragon, with the announcement that this was her mat, and she was back to reclaim her spot at the top of the table. as the top-seed in this year’s tournament, Dragon cruised thru the regular season, and then defeated fellow season 1 original, Isis Love, in the quarter-finals.

Dia Zerva has only been wrestling at Ultimate Surrender for two years, but there are few wrestlers, who have been as dominant over that span, as her. she was defeated by Syd in the finale of Summer Vengeance II, and then defeated by eventual champion, Ariel X, in the semi-finals, the following year. she won all three of her regular season matches by a combined score of 3688-0! as the #3 seed, she made short work of Wenona in the quarter-finals.

remember what I said prior to the start of the season, about how it would be Ariel vs. Dragon in the Summer Vengeance championship match? yeah…Dia Zerva absolutely destroyed Dragon, the final score was 1132-120! I’ve never seen Dragon completely dominated in every facet of a match. she was forced to cum on the mat THREE times! she was in tears from trying not to cum. for those of you familiar with Academy Wrestling, then you probably already knew what to expect, since these two mixed it up, in a shoot in October. I was not surprised so much by who won, but by the margin of victory.

so the match the US fanbase has been frothing for ever since Dia arrived on the scene, is finally going to happen! will Vendetta become the first wrestler to win two Summer Vengeance titles? or will Dia Zerva finally break thru for her first title, to cap what just might be the most dominant single-season performance in Ultimate Surrender history!

From beyond she has traveled
and to the end she will see
Enter the dragon
Causing its will to be hers
Pay the price of immortality and
achieve victory to the mind

But the battle rages on…

this is what it sounds like, when dragons cry


6 Responses to “Summer Vengeance IV – 1/2 FINAL #2 – Dia Zerva vs. Dragon Lily”

  1. Spike Says:

    dude where can you watch these stuff

  2. Ringmaster Says:

    No surprise to see the Dragon finger fucked to defeat. Dia will get the same treatment from Vendetta, followed by a dildo up her ass and hopefully a hard slapping on her firm bum cheeks.
    Please can we have a third and fourth place match between Ariel and the Dragon? My money would be on Ariel to outdo Dia by inflicting more than three orgasms on the Dragon’s fragrant cunt.

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      yes, everyone knew fingers in her twat was the Dragon’s kryptonite, but I didn’t think Dia would be able to exploit it to the degree that she did. I agree with the 3rd-place match, or perhaps a tag match pitting Vendetta & Dia against Ariel & Dragon. on a separate note, I haven’t heard anything about another Royal Madness match. it seems like we’re about due for another one.

  3. Ringmaster Says:

    How about blondes versus non-blondes in the next Royal Madness with the losing team getting whipped and squirted on by the winners in a bukkake-type orgy scenario?

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      that is a fantastic idea! seeing as how there are at least 8 blondes currently on the roster, you’d have plenty of talent to choose from. can you just imagine 8 plastic cocks probing someone like Trina Michaels or Tia Ling? DVDA anyone?!? speaking of Trina, she is doing the live Brazzers shoot this Friday nite. I’m sure the ZZ viewers will see to it that none of her orifices go unfilled.

  4. Ringmaster Says:

    There would be scope to have two sluts triple penetrated at once, which would be novel. How about a handicapping system where an elite wrestler has to face two girls at once for at least half of her match?

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