GPS Scolds Area Motorist For Not Following Directions

there’s a hot new blog on the inferwebz. it’s got pictures of album covers, with tacos in them. I found out about Album Tacos last nite, I feel pretty jazzed! my friend said he was going to insert a taco in to the Misfits Legacy of Bruta(co)lity album cover, and submit it to the site. expect to have a full report of it on my blog, in the next few weeks.

I mentioned that the more I listen to Anthrax, the less excited I am about seeing them play. that’s not to say they don’t have some good albums. as I’ve said before, I wouldn’t mind one bit if they decide to follow the lead of Megadeth and Slayer, and play an album, in it’s entirety *cough* Among The Living *cough* Joey Belladonna’s not a great lead singer. he sounds like a guy trying to do King Diamond, and ending up with Ronnie James Dio.

staying power among “The Big Four” was also addressed. we both agreed that Slayer had the most, and Anthrax had the least. the verdict is still out on whether Metallica or Megadeth are #2 on that list. I lean more towards Metallica, even tho I base it primarily on the first half of their career. during that same decade long-span (1983-92) Megadeth put out some really good stuff, too.

Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning, and Peace Sells would be my top 3. I haven’t heard much of Megadeth’s stuff since Countdown To Extinction, and I can’t say Metallica’s done anything worthwhile in the last 15 years. perhaps, after the show in October, I’ll assimilate more recent Megadeth in to my playlist (other than “Head Crusher”) I would put Megadeth #2 on that list in terms of who I’d most like to see in concert. the show with Testament in March…EPIC!!!

and speaking of Testament, what about those guys? they’re still on tour crackin’ skulls, and playing hella awesome air guitar solos with their mic stands! their first two albums might actually be better than just about anything Anthrax released. the newest stuff they released sounds just as good as the last coupla Slayer albums. and who could ever forget the Simpsons reference where Rev. Lovejoy said “get down in the church basement to the Jesus rock stylings of Testament.” and then Bart says “aw man, all the good bands are affiliated with Satan!” LOL

maybe if Testament is not officially recognised as one of “The Big Four” they can certainly get some consideration as the “most underrated metal band ever” Alex Skolnick is a hella awesome guitarist! saw him perform with The Alex Skolnick Trio, when they were touring with Rodrigo y Gabriela, also in March. awesome show! that’s the reason why he wasn’t playing with Testament on the RIP 20 tour.

we headed in to DC for a house party. we were following the GPS directions on my friend’s Google phone. it kept telling her to make a u-turn at x street. finally, after a few minutes of this, the GPS said “make a u-turn!” everybody was cracking up after that. ah, good times!

it was the first time I’d ever been to a house party, where the host had his own dj setup, complete with turntables, soundboard, and laptop. it was a pretty good turnout for something that had only been announced roughly 8 hours prior. I had a Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, which oddly enough, complemented the piece of Doublemint gum, I had just finished chewing. I had a few cups of vodka, mixed with wilderberry vodka, and only slightly watered down.

we returned back to NOVA to watch an episode of Ricky Gervais. this show is great to watch as an appetizer for other shows, or in this case, a great show to pass out on. I don’t remember anything after the first two or three minutes. so, in a way, Ricky Gervais is to animated shows, what Exodus is to the RIP 20 tour.


Google phone

4 Responses to “GPS Scolds Area Motorist For Not Following Directions”

  1. Clint Says:

    LOL hahahahahahahah

    1) I still can’t figure out how to submit my own, annoying!

    2) Agree about Joey Belladonna, but keep in mind that he did not do the vocals on some later Anthrax albums, even though he is apparently back with the band. I think the Armored Saint singer replaced him after State Of Euphoria (my favorite Anthrax album). Something like that. I don’t remember. This was info I cared about greatly in the 1990s.

    3) Other than Head Crusher. Hehehe. Yes indeed. That song isn’t nearly as good as the others.

    4) Yes, Testament’s 1st 2 albums > anything by Anthrax. Definitely!

    5) However, I think Testament’s new album didn’t sound nearly as good as Testament’s older stuff, and represented a far greater decline, whereas Slayer’s new stuff still sounds like Slayer, so I think Slayer’s staying power is still more than that of Testament. I kinda disagree with your assesstament of new Testament here.

    Haha yea, I don’t remember much Ricky Gervais – I think we both lasted more than 3 minutes. Because we had ice cream sandwiches TWICE. I was at least awake during those. I remember laughing at the show a lot. In this case, we did not mark the show as watched. Poor Carolyn will have to sit through it again someday ๐Ÿ™‚

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      upon further review, I no longer agree with my own analysis of Testament’s newer stuff (when compared to Slayer’s newer stuff) this sounds like something worth investigating in a future blogpost. Slayer, Testament, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax: The Later Years

  2. Carolyn Says:

    I do not mind sitting through Ricky Gervais again. I was laughing hysterically at several points in the show, and neither of you were phased in the slightest. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Afterwards, I tried to watch the Steve Brule’s that I had previously passed out during. I successfully watched one of them (after some confusion with the sound being the song The Joker instead of Steve Brule. There’s a part in that song that Lemonjello doesn’t like [similar to Sad Trombone], so I had some fun with that for a second before getting back to watching the show with proper sound.)

    Good times. Glad you decided to come out with us.

    The ice cream sandwiches were 160 calories each.

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