Local Idiot Unveils NHL 2011 Custom Soundtrack

I love hockey, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna sit thru the shit they put on the soundtrack. I put 30 tunes that I would wanna hear at a hockey game, or as bumper music for the in-game menus, in NHL 2011. of those 30 songs, 7 are holdovers from the custom soundtrack I made for NHL 2010. five artists who were on last year’s soundtrack, are back with different songs. Mike Patton appears twice (Tomahawk, Faith No More) Hanson Brothers, (NOT FUCKING HANSON MMMBOP!) lead the way with three tracks. Danzig and Peter Steele are back this year with different bands (Samhain and Carnivore, respectively) there are two Celtic Frost songs (including a cover) featured in this year’s game. full breakdown of the custom soundtrack, as chosen by ME!!!

FROM NHL 2010:
Celtic Frost – Dethroned Emperor
GWAR – The Salaminizer
Metallica – Trapped Under Ice
Ministry – Work For Love
Moistboyz – Captain America
Slayer – Catalyst
Tomahawk – Point And Click

1349 – Sculptor Of Flesh
Alice In Chains – Man In The Box
Atari Teenage Riot – Activate
Kreator – Storming With Menace
Skinny Puppy – Tormentor

Carnivore – Ground Zero Brooklyn
Chemlab – Suicide Jag
Faith No More – Cuckoo For Caca
Fear Factory – Shock
Hanson Brothers – Danielle (She Don’t Care About Hockey)
Hanson Brothers – The Hockey Song
Hanson Brothers – Third Man In
High On Fire – The Usurper (as made famous by Celtic Frost)
Megadeth – Wake Up Dead
Meg Lee Chin – Nutopia
Minor Threat – In My Eyes
Ozzy Osbourne – Flying High Again
Rodrigo y Gabriela – Logos
Samhain – The Shift
Static-X – Bled For Days
S.O.D. – Make Room, Make Room
Testament – Over The Wall
Tool -Prison Sex



One Response to “Local Idiot Unveils NHL 2011 Custom Soundtrack”

  1. Clint Says:

    Best hockey soundtrack ever.

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